Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Countdown to SIX!

We're back on, just in time to document the week before Piper turns the BIG 6! Seems like just yesterday we were eating donuts to our heart's delight for her fifth birthday!

The other day Piper was being oh so sweet with her doll, Anna Beth, during breakfast before the other two girls were even awake. No matter what kind of day Piper has had, she always carries a smile on her face. She radiates happiness! I love that about her! I also love that she can cut her own bangs and pull it off as it she went to the salon! Yup, she cut her own bangs today. I barely noticed. I was rather impressed with her skills to not only cut them herself, but to do a great job too! I think I'll hire her for my next haircut.

If you are trying to find the old post, just make your way to the link that says "Blast to the Past". I've reformatted the blog and so rather than resizing every single old photo, I just dedicated a new website for them. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Under construction

Hi there, bet you are wondering where all the blogs went, huh? Well, they will soon return. I am currently revamping the blog. Keep checking back, should be back up by the end of June. =)