Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Way We Were

Just for fun, I thought it would be cute to share how we told our family we were expecting Winnie. Click HERE to see that post. How in the world has three years gone by so quickly?

Photo Heard Round the World

This one time, when I was, like, 31, I discovered a most magnificent secret about what our future holds. Instead of being an adult and waiting patiently for Nathan's birthday (in five days) to tell him, I absolutely had to get the news out, like, today! The plan was well thought out in my head. I was going to set up a fake photo shoot and deliver the news so I could capture the response of each family member. My plan was total genius, because after the plan, I was going to email all the grandparents and, as a family, we would be able to keep this secret for weeks. Riiiight. Quickly after the news broke, I was beginning to have hot flashes and sweat in places I didn't know existed, true story. How in the world was I going to keep this secret???!! I am the worst secret keeper, anyone can tell you, especially when the news is so beyond exciting that my head feels like it may burst just typing this!
So without further ado, here are the results from my little impromptu photo session with my cute little, unsuspecting family, and yes, the final pictures are complete genuine reactions.

First, I told this hot little bow-tie wearing hubby of mine. Isn't he just the cutest? The whole time he was being completely silly and probably questioning if I was sane or not as I said things like "OK, now be silly" or, "Give me your real angry face".  I totally caught him off guard with the last emotion I needed for my "family collage". Ha, ha, as the sisters in Xanadu on Broadway would say, I really threw him off track this time!
Exciting, right? Seriously though, I'm like five minutes pregnant. I literally found out two days ago and told my family yesterday. 
The unsuspecting girls were semi-eager to help this momma out with my sneaky photo project. I was all, like, pleeeeease let me take your picture while you make silly faces. So then, after flipping the last page of The Way I Feel(A super cute book that we have treasured since Charly was a baby), I announced some very exciting news to three bouncy Campbell girls. I literally had to anchor my camera in more than one way to capture them bouncing every which way. They. Were. Beyond. Excited! Charly even said, I'm so happy I hurt!
Completely caught off guard and totally excited!

The complete excited Piper reaction when she heard the news. 
Charly's adorable reaction when she heard the news.

So cute, right??? After the good GREAT news, the girls went straight for the bed and bounced like crazy, all while holding hands and screaming about how excited they are. Charly and Piper even suggested we celebrate by eating ice cream. Yeeeeah buddy! So with rocky road in our bellies, smiles in our hearts, and the news of an extra Campbell babe growing, we all are finding it a little tricky to sleep tonight. I'll take that any day! Woohoo for baby number 4!!!!!!